Charli - Participant

"I found 'Unplug' very difficult, because I didn't realise how much I relied on technology until I had none. I found that a lot of the time I would walk up to the TV and just stare at it. That got me annoyed! I did 'Unplug' with some of my friends. We all thought that we couldn't survive, but I was smart and brought LOTS of lollies! When we finished I clearly remember staring at the clock thinking, "Is this real?"  

I absolutely loved 'Unplug' and I hope that I can do it again and again!"

Experiences from Unplug

Cassie - Host

"I hosted Unplug sleepovers at my house in 2013-17. I usually had some friends come over and stay from 11am on Saturday to 11am on Sunday. We did lots of things during the time, including trying on clothes, playing darts, walking in the park and lots of talking. 

​In 2016, I was captain of a team, and another team member held the Unplug sleep-over. We always have so much fun, and being together helps to stop us from missing our devices too much!"


Mia - Participant

I found this event a lot of fun as it is different to what I normally do. We communicated more than we would when watching a movie, and learned about each other by socializing more. We were doing physical activities such as walking and moving around, instead of lying down and going on devices. We went for a walk in the morning that made us fitter, instead of staring at a screen!

Overall, it was really fun and I would definitely do it again!

Unplug Stories

Unplug 2018

Join us for your own Unplug in 2018. You might choose a sleep-over, a challenge for a group of friends or just to do it yourself. However you want to do it, it's easy. Just pick a date, register online to create your personal or team fundraising page, share the link to find some sponsors and see how YOU survive for 24 hours without your entertainment technology!

2017 Champion Fundraising Team

BBFF would like to recognise the efforts of Samuel Osborn, in being the captain of the Champion Fundraising Team for 2017, 'Team Awesome Returns Again'.  Sam's team had a sleepover at his home and raised $855 for their 24 hours Unplugged. What a great effort!

Do you think that you can become the Champion Fundraising Team for 2018?