... or just getting into the great outdoors!

Try playing a board game ...

... reading a book ...

Why should you have to pay to plug in?

'Needing' to plug in within the 24 hour 'Unplug' period really shows how reliant we have all become on devices for entertainment. It should be a hard decision to break the Unplug commitment!

In line with this, it would be great if you could avoid doing work or schoolwork on your computer too. Whilst it isn't 'entertainment' (and therefore doesn't require a Plug Pass), it can be very easy to flick over to an internet search, social networking or accessing photos or music. Staying away from the computer makes it easier to achieve the challenge. 

Need to Connect for an Hour?

Buy A Pass (or two) to:

​- Play video games with friends for an hour

- Watch a movie if you are having an 'Unplug' sleep-over

- Contact a friend by phone or social networking

- Listen to music for an hour

- Use the internet to look something up on your computer


How does it work?

​Each Unplugger who wants to plug in during the 24 hour period can 'purchase' a Plug Pass by donating through their fundraising page. A Plug Pass costs $10 and covers one hour. This means that a movie will cost you $20 (or two Plug Passes). Passes can be purchased in advance or after completion of the 24 hour period.

What can you do if you really need (or want) to plug in for a while?


​Sometimes, despite the best planning in the world, something comes up that requires you to 'get connected' for a short time. Emergency phone calls are OK at any time, but if you just want to get connected, you can buy a 'Plug Pass'. These are perfect if you really want to get in touch with someone, or if you have decided to sleep-over with a group of fellow Unpluggers, but want to watch a movie together.