Clubs and Schools

Are you involved in a school or club that might be interested in Unplugging?

Personalised online fundraising pages make things pretty easy!  Check out the link below for more information. We are happy to help too - just get in touch with any queries!

How to Unplug

Just visit the 'Register' page and click the link to create your own personalised online fundraising site via 'mycause'. Pick your date, email potential sponsors and commit yourself to 24 hours 'Unplugged' - you can do it! 

The Fine Print

Unplug 2018

Unplug is a fundraising initiative supporting the work of Building Brighter Futures Foundation, a South Australian Charity working in Cambodia. Have a look through the BBFF site for more details about the goals for 2018. 100% of funds raised this year will be used towards the building of a new classroom at Prey Thom Primary School, near Siem Reap.

 Unlike the people BBFF supports, you won't have to live without electricity for household purposes. You can still use electricity for lights, refrigerators, cooking and heating/cooling. You just have to give up your 'entertainment' devices for 24 hours - too easy!




 - no television

 - no digital music players

 - no computers or tablets

 - no electronic game devices

 - no social telephone

Give Up Technology for 24 Hours

Why Unplug

Around the world, many people live in disadvantaged circumstances. These people often don't have access to education, electricity, food and even clean water. You can help them out by living for just 24 hours without entertainment devices!

Challenge A Friend

Do you know someone who lives on their devices? Challenge them to survive for 24 hours 'Unplugged'!

Make It Fun

Get a group together at school, for a sleep-over or even camp-out for the night. You'll have heaps of fun and help others at the same time.