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Working Together

With everyone working together through Unplug, in 2018 BBFF aims to complete a much larger project - replacing the dilapidated old wooden classroom at Prey Thom Primary School that has had to be removed due to safety issues

If You Really Can't Give Up Technology ...

You Can Still Help

For some people, the concept of managing for 24 hours without their devices is just too much to imagine! If you are finding that you break into a sweat just at the thought, here are some options:

  • Challenge yourself to last as long as possible. Your sponsors are able to pay you for every hour that you do complete, so every hour is an achievement!
  • Purchase a few 'Plug Passes' to give yourself permission to have a short burst of technology when things get too much.
  • Surround yourself with others who are also taking the challenge - the more support you get, the easier you will find it. Alternatively, take the pressure off yourself and challenge a friend instead!
  • Just give in and make a donation - every bit you can give will make a difference!

The End Result

How Can You Donate?

Why not support someone who is Unplugging? Just visit the Unplug fundraising page on 'MyCause' using the button to the right and you can choose a team or individual to support. Alternatively, you can choose to donate directly to BBFF by clicking the PayPal link on the right.

What Can Your Donation Do?

Every dollar that you donate can make a difference:

  • $10 will buy shoes for a child
  • $50 will provide clothing for a child
  • $100 will sponsor a child to attend school for a year
  • $250 will provide a community water filter for clean drinking water