That's all that you need to do!

Once your friend has accepted the challenge, they can also send the link out to friends to increase the total raised. Then they need to survive their 24 hours, while you get to just sit back and watch!!!

Do You Know a Technology Addict?

Do you have a friend who seems to be permanently connected to their device(s)?


​We all know someone who seems to check their social media every ten minutes or can't leave home without their tablet or phone. What about the person who plays online games every day, or has their earphones constantly in their ears? It is hard to imagine them managing for 24 hours without these things, isn't it?

So why not challenge them to give it a go?


How does it work?

​If you would like to challenge a friend to survive for 24 hours without their devices, its easy! Just go to the registration page and create your fundraising page. Call it 'I challenge ........", and start by making the first donation.  Let them know how much you have donated to see them give up their devices for 24 hours. To make it even harder for them to refuse, send the link to friends to sponsor them as well. They won't be able to say 'No'.