Many families in the Prey Thom community live in impoverished circumstances.

A sponsored student, excited to be attending Prey Thom Primary School.

The new community centre in Sra Srong village.

Prey Thom Primary School, near Siem Reap, Cambodia

Some Achievements To Date

  • ​provision of whiteboards, markers and erasers to classrooms, and bins to the school grounds
  • establishment of two school playgrounds, a soccer field and community pond
  • development of a school garden, including groundworks, fencing and procuring tools
  • developed school photo program for all students
  • sponsorship of children to attend Prey Thom Primary School from 2013 to 2018 inclusive
  • provision of scholarships with corporate partners for children to attend middle school
  • In partnership with One Education, provided refurbished XO Laptops to the school and new Infinity:One laptops
  • Provided electricity connection and fans for classrooms
  • built a new Community Centre in Sra Srong village and provided basket weaving training for local women

Unplug to Support
Building Brighter Futures Foundation

Our Work So Far

​BBFF was established in 2013, and supports the Prey Thom and Sra Srong communities just out of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Programs include sponsorship of students to attend primary school, development of a community basket weaving collective and support of a computer education program through the Prey Thom Primary School.  

Over the year, funds raised via Unplug have been used to provide rechargeable solar light globes to households with no access to electricity, to provide computer equipment and textbooks to Prey Thom Primary School, to support computer lessons and internet access for the schoolchildren, to provide home water filters for families in both communities that BBFF support and many other projects. 

 The results of these projects can be seen through BBFF's Facebook page and website.

Who We Are


Building Brighter Futures Foundation  (BBFF) is a South Australian charity. Our focus is on improving the welfare and wellbeing of disadvantaged and/or poverty stricken communities in developing countries, by supporting access to education.